About Us

The NSW Federation of Community Language Schools was established in Sydney in 1978 as a not for profit organization. The aim of the Federation is to unite all community language schools and work together to sustain community languages and contribute to the multicultural assets of New South Wales. The organisation aims to assist all the community language schools to obtain benefits from the various programs offered by the NSW Government and strive to promote language education.

The NSW Federation of Community Language Schools represent 250 member schools in 460 locations (the number increases every year) with approximately 30,000 students who can choose to learn one or more from the 57 different languages available.

Members of the management committee of NSW Federation of Community Language Schools meets every month to discuss current issues and make decisions to preserve and promote community languages in New South Wales.

The role of the NSW Federation of Community Language Schools is to:

Promote and Encourage

  • Activities designed to assist Community Language Schools achieve their goals
  • Social, cultural and educational events that heighten the profile of diversity and showcase multiculturalism
  • Celebrate the learning benefits offered to students
  • Teaching of community language, geography, history and culture in communities so they can be conducted with dedication and respect
  • A sense of awareness, a mode of communication, co-operation creating a healthy atmosphere of community
  • Maintenance of respectful communication between bodies that deal with the administration, accreditation and implementation of Community Language Schools and their policies

Member Community Language Schools have numerous benefits because the NSWFCLS:

  • Represents member schools in the NSW Community Languages Board and other Committees
  • Organises courses and conferences for teachers and administrators of community language schools
  • Lobbies on behalf  of members to get recognition and support
  • Carries out a variety of activities, roles and functions that are ready to assist in a number of capacities that are geared towards meeting the needs of  Community Language Schools
  • Work towards raising the role and the profile of the Community Language Schools through activities that draw attention to our richly diverse society
  • Creating awareness of all the benefits inherent in multiculturalism
  • Encourages the students to be openly exposed to the total spectrum of experiences that multiculturalism offers them
  • Unites community language schools by organizing multicultural functions and   events which are attended by the diverse communities which make up its membership e.g.  The Annual Dinner is attended by politicians, parents, teachers from community language schools and mainstream School principals.
  • Organizes essay, poster and short film competitions for students in their community language
  • Assists member schools with enquiries in relation to government regulations and policies and also provides useful information about running their school.
  • Assists all member schools in providing them affordable Public Liability Insurance Cover at a reasonable premium
  • Provide clerical and administrative support

It is through the efforts of the Federation that all Community Language Schools registered with Department of Education and Communities, Community Languages School Program,   now enjoy free use of classrooms in the NSW Government Schools.

A member of AFESA (Australian Federation of Ethnic Schools Associations), NSW Federation of Community Language School works closely with representatives from other states towards better conditions for Community Language Schools all over the country.

Schools joining the NSW Federation have the opportunity, among other benefits, to meet and network with a wide range of community groups, have a say and also support all efforts in improving the Community Language Schools’ role and status in the wider Community.

We unite and assist Community Language Schools.