The NSW Federation of Community Language Schools represents approximately 260 community language schools in over 450 locations where 57 different languages are taught.


All schools benefit by becoming members. The Federation unites all community language schools, giving them more power. It lobbies on their behalf and works towards achieving the best possible outcomes for teachers and students. The recent Per Capita Grant Funding came because the Federation has been successfully been lobbying for many years.

Membership fees vary and are determined by the total number of students in a school starting from $25per year.

According to the Constitution, the Management Committee, at the monthly meeting, will examine each new school’s application in order to accept it as member. We encourage schools to pay at the beginning of each year, as the membership and insurance renewal date is the 1st April of each year.

Please note that even if you pay later in the year, you still have to pay the whole amount and your school will only be covered until 1st of April of the following year.

Liability and Volunteer’s Insurance

The Federation offers Public Liability Insurance cover at a very competitive, low cost. Limit of Indemnity is $20,000,000. It covers schools for possible negligence, resulting in injury to students and public.

The NSW Federation of Community Language Schools has managed to achieve a deal with the Insurance brokers in which all Volunteers are covered under the same Insurance Policy at a very small extra cost to members.

In the event of an accident, our office should be notified within 7 days on  95586134. The cover is for normal school activities including excursions or fund-raising functions. Extreme sports and activities are not covered. If your school is planning an excursion or a function, you should notify us in writing a week prior to the event and we will advise you accordingly.

The Volunteers’ Insurance Policy is offered to teachers and parents who provide services to your school as volunteers. If an accident occurs while volunteering, the Volunteers Insurance pays up to $500.00 subject to Volunteers’ Insurance conditions.

Please notify our office if the contact person or the contact details of your school/organisation change.

Before completing the online form, please read carefully, make sure that you have completed all questions and details correctly and sign them at the bottom section. All writing should be clear and easy to read.

For teachers receiving salary, the schools must take Workers Compensation cover.

For more information about membership and insurance please call on 95586134 during office hours.